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"Something like the wreck of a flying saucer on Easter Island"
- Exclaim Magazine

"Diverse to the extreme...brilliantly manouevered"
- RHiG

- Media II

"Blue Dog Pict is more than a's a social movement"
- The New Music

"Some call it cult, others a culture"
- The Toronto Star

Who's in Blue Dog Pict:

Keram Malicki-Sanchez [Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards-Samples/Misc]
Keith White [Bass(Spaz Guitar)/Vocals/Flute/Misc.]
Danny Kovacevic [Guitars/Vocals/Pedals]
Jeff Hayward [Kit/Percussion/Tin Whistle/Recorder/Acoustic Guitar]
Josh Joudrie - Live Sound Engineer/Sound Designer


"The Picture Album" - debut cassette, independent, 1990
Blue Dog Pict's 'One Hour's Sleep' featured in the Degrassi High tv movie 'School's Out' 1992
"Anxiety of Influence: a nodding into...?" - CD, Constant Change, 1992
Recorded 'W.I.L.I.S.' (What I Learned in School) for TVOntario's "Brainstorm" CD compilation 1994
Blue Dog Pict appears and plays live on three episodes of television series 'Ready or Not' 1994-96
"Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines" - Interactive CD-ROM/Audio Album, Constant Change, 1995
'Daisivision' appears in Midi Onodera's acclaimed film 'Skin Deep' 1997

So What's Their Story? What's All the Hype About?

I Heard They Care More About Wearing Dresses and Blowing Up Puppets and Spray Painting Things Phosphorescent Then Playing Music...?In 1990, four individuals from diverse backgrounds, both musically and ethnically, discovered a sound. It is difficult for a listener to draw a true comparison, since the sound is born from such a host of musical influences.

Blue Dog Pict, over its six year tenure came to be known as one of Toronto's most engaging, controversial and exciting acts often illiciting reverence and repyulsion alike from Toronto's hard-sell audiences. When they were featured on the internationally acclaimed "New Music Show" the segment began by saying that some called Blue Dog Pict a CULT, others still a CULTURE. One thing was for sure; this was a band worth paying attention to - they meant what they did, ensuring that every show was a real life experience, not just a reasonable facsimile. this band set a pitch for the Toronto music scene that can be looked back upon as one of the heydays of the Toronto music scene. This scene also included such prolific and seminal bands as Project 9, hHead, Yet Another Posse, Plains of Fascination, Grasshopper, Lowest of the Low, Dig Circus, Suckerpunch, Anhai, The Look People, The Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith, The Dinner Is Ruined, nc17 (now treble charger), Fancypants Hoodlum (now Peaches), The Leather Uppers, Chicken Milk (now Venus cures All) and various others.

Blue Dog Pict's founder, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, originally had plans for a solo album, but opted to develop an elaborate, experimental support group of musicians. This evolved into Blue Dog Pict. In January of 1992, the band released their debut album, "The Picture Album" which was recorded live off the floor (in two days) at the now defunct Eastern Sound. The album received high praise from college radio stations throughout Canada and the U.S and still maintains strong popularity in those circuits. The band released its second album "Anxiety of Influence: a nodding into...?" in September of 1993. This recording took close to two years to complete and embodies the intricate nature of the band's production. At one point three Marshall amps were placed in a 1400 foot concrete basement and six microphones were set up along its length to create the massive guitar sound affectionately dubbed "DOOM". (And this was before any shoot 'em up shar eware games...)

Constant Change Productions was founded in 1993 in tandem with the release of AOI so as to circumvent the comprimising trajectory of the corporate music industry as a means for pushing music on the public. Although it was originally only intended to serve as an aspect of Blue Dog Pict's music, it quickly blossomed into a collective, philosophical, independently funded platform for a broad variety of artists and their projects of which Blue Dog Pict is a large part.

On June 11th, 1995, Constant Change joined forces with DISTRIBUTION FUSION III from Montreal, and the album "Anxiety of Influence" was re-released, but "this was National" :). The band's debut video "Tainted" premiered in September 1994 at a well known Queen Street Toronto club to a crowd which well exceeded fire safety numbers. "Natureboy" the BDP-speak newsletter had warmed up to this event for nearly four years. But the beautiful video never got airplay. The minute-and-a-half uninterrupted shots were far too unappealing to programmers who are accustomed to catering to an 8 second attention span. Until...

In May 1995, MuchMusic, Canada's national equivalent to MTV, recieved the biggest request in its ten-year history for any video, and that was...Tainted. Sixteen feet high and fourteen feet wide, the neon pink banner displayed well over three hundred signatures compiled by fans of the band who were tired of seeing their culture overlooked. Sound a little hard to believe? It should. But a nation of music lovers can attest to having witnessed the depth of Blue Dog Pict's bond with its circle. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, it is becoming and already has become a way of life for the ever expanding circle of creatives who enjoy the sense of community Blue Dog Pict brings. But ultimately you either 'get it' or you don't. The above is not a solicitation. Blue Dog Pict completed its first studio release since September 1993: Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines was the book-end and the launch pad for the ironic gestures followed in their musical evolution. The five-song E.P., released April 12th, 1996 at Lee's Palace in Toronto, encompassed five new songs, six new freakout analogue segues, and a special remix by Parade of Old Souls. The release also included a CDROM partition which allowed the audience, and the devout Sky Pirate alike, a more penetrative foray into the complex culture of the Blue Dog Pict lexicon. It was the first of its kind in North America.

On March 20th 1997, Blue Dog Pict released a new video for "The Cost of Admission" in Toronto.

Their work is far from over.

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