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Automated Gardens: AN4

is a limited release from the 
Constant Change label.

 Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the makers and makings of "Automated Gardens: AN4". 


"What he did know is that it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane" - Philip K. Dick "VALIS"


i)Return to the Fall

Vocals/Piano/Rhodes by Keram Malicki-Sanchez Percussion/Rain stick/Clarinet/Guitar/Harmonica by Jono Grant

ii)Select With Child Regions

Guitars/Vocals/Programming by Keram Malicki-Sanchez

The Sorcerer's Way

iii)Rivulets of Oily Colour Piles Streaming Down the Glassy Panes of Intellect

Recorded and mixed live by Joshua Joudrie at the Cameron House in Toronto on May 2nd, 1995. Performed and Remixed by Keram Malicki-Sanchez. Additional delaydrums performed by Great Bob Scott and recorded by Jono Grant.



It is music quite unlike anything you have ever heard. It is based on multiple infinite delays which collapse upon each other to create textures so intangible that the listener often feels disconcertingly immaterial after prolonged exposure. It strives to rattle the stratos of the listener's emotional spectrum, in a paradigm wherein music has become so overtly intellectualized, stylized. KMS is joined by DJ Shine and technophile experimentalist NM1.

After you go through this page, you might want to explore this real-life automated garden experiment .

Thinking of wild gardens. A true and selfish garden thrives despite any variable - is this true? A resilient garden thrives despite any variable - is this intuitive? A garden is a delicate ebb and flow, providing and recieving despite the nature of the recipient; it allows foreign bodies to make of it what they will while, and thereby, maintaining its own equilibrium

It is impossible to prepare for the recurrence or rather, re-arrival of the object...there being no apparent rhythm or temporal or cyclical consistency to it. It has a quality that subverts all mental faculties, save intuition, and that becomes debatable.

"Recognizance und dis-tanz Difficulte to recognize the utterly familiar Saturated with reaffirmation The only thing bearable is the unbearable The only thing familiar is the obscure and numinous Density can be released to the wind While a simple and silent understanding enfolds the cosmos" 

The other is natural and jardiniaire in that it is unpredictable, expansive, entropic and uniquely complex. If it is contained it renegotiates itself to function as unconditionally and as conducively to its own new reality as possible without destroying itself. But it presents itself in its own self-ish-ness as something that does not account for the effects of its own introvertedness, therefore it must be kept under surveillance, that it doesn't in its own self-indulgence take its environment with itself. 

"Inasmuch as gardens do not conclude with a harvest and are not played for a certain outcome, one never arrives anywhere with a garden...Gardeners celebrate variety, unlikeness, spontaneity. They understand that an abundance of styles is in the interest of vitality. The more complex the content of the soil, for example - that is, the more numerous its sources of change - the more vigorous its liveliness. Growth promotes growth. The most elemental difference between the machine and the garden is that one is driven by a force which must be introduced from without, the other grown by an energy which originates from within itself." - James P. Carse - Finite and Infinite Games.

There can be no
Automated Gardens

Automated Gardens will be long remembered for its all night marathons at various chill out rooms throughout North America, including the 13 Network rave with Ritchie (Plastikman) and Matthew Hawtin, as well as the E Network parties.

Their eccentric cockpit of blacklights, analog sequencers, turntables, guitars, harmonicas and lots of customized delay and reverb boxes is a visual description of their sound. Lush, ecclectic, adventurous and yet in love with the sweetness of silence and minimalism.

Automated Gardens is the brainchild and inner workings of Toronto native Keram 'Redshift 4.26' Malicki-Sanchez , Jason (Shine) Spanu , and Josh 'NM1' Joudrie .

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"My Daddy Builds Robots"
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